Cklone: Kinect real time rigging

Cklone es una herramienta de rigging en tiempo real para Kinect con fines de VJing. Aplica los movimientos del jugador a un esqueleto 3D en tiempo real.


Cklone is a Kinect realtime rigging tool for VJing purpose. Applies Player movements to a 3D Skeleton in real time

Making off & performance tests

Step 1: Getting stream data from Kinect sensor

EBI - Egine_01
EBI - Egine_02
Cklone Engine2

Step 2: Applying bones directions to OBJ meses

Performance Test 1

i7 / 8 GB / Intel HD4000 – Nvidia 740 / Xbox Kinect sensor

Step 3: Character design and 3D modeling

Step 4: Adding new mesh, textures and lights to VVVV real time renderer.

Step 5: Adding Environment + Data Smooth + Render performance optimization

Performance Test 1

i7 / 8 GB / Intel HD4000 – Nvidia 740

Sensor: Xbox Kinect

Software: VVVV

Render: DirectX 9

Min: 15 fps (Some flicks are due to screen recorder)

Max: 60 fps

Ave: 40 fps

Step 6: 2 Players implementation
Cklone Engine 2 players0


3D Design & texture effects: Martina Ampuero

VVVV & Kinect Developer: José Vaaliña

Texture effects assistant: Pol Marqués

Production: Eyesberg audiovisual creations and interactivity

Barcelona, 2014

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