TEDxYouth 2015 in Barcelona

Video created for the opening of the conferences TEDxYouth Barcelona 2015: Risk Takers at the L’Auditori de Barcelona.

«Without risk there isn’t change. Without risk there isn’t a path, there’s nothing to learn, there isn’t progress. With no risk everything would be understood, there wouldn’t be games, we wouldn’t be able to abandon ourselves, to say no or to question reality. Without risk there isn’t transformation, everything is the same: there’s only comfort. Without risk youngsters wouldn’t be young. Being young means to risk.

At TEDxYouth@Barcelona we admire risk takers. In 2015 we wanted to celebrate the stories of young people who took the first step and have had the tenacity to keep going. Young people who power their ideas and initiatives with passion. Every. Single. Day.» For the creation of the video we decided to reclaim all these concepts associated to risk. From a free process of conceptualization, we’ve focused in the learning zone implicit in every action involving risk. To go against, to transform, to break the establishment, and finally change are different stops that have to be walked down to abandon comfort and get into risk. Credits: Directed by Codea Studio Produced by : Eyesberg Studio Production Manager : José Vaaliña Art Direction: Codea Studio 3D Animation: Gonzalo Fernández, Anna Martín, David Ros 2D Animation: Alex Marti, Jose Rosales Copy & Script: Ricard Sunyol Music and Sound Design: Pol Marqués Special Thanks to: José Vaaliña, Berd

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