Ophelia #0: Interactive Paintings

We have all experienced the feeling of walking through a museum and feeling like a portrait follows you with its eyes, seeing the movement of a sculpture as you surround it, and of hearing the sound of a painting through its textures.

At Eyesberg we want to work on the artistic experience from the point of view of the observer, and for this purpose we have created an immersive installation that merges the plastic world of painting and sculpture with interactive technology and synthetic 3D image.

This involves audiovisual paintings that change their appearance and sound according to the viewer’s position, creating a direct link between the public and the work that goes beyond observation.
This process redefines the relationship between work and viewer, acquiring special significance in the museum sector by transforming the exhibition space into a laboratory where this relationship is reinvented.
Work and spectator influence each other, overcoming the traditional passive neutrality that separates them. The interactivity proposed by Eyesberg updates this link, restoring its meaning as an experience and production of subjectivity.
The installation was premiered on the occasion of the private event at TedXYouth Barcelona 2015, which took place in the old factory Estrella Damm and was then selected for the Platine Festival 2015 in Cologne.
A series of three interactive paintings, where Ophelia is reflected in different landscapes, Sky, Night, and Wall. The three form the content of an interactive installation in which the spectator is the protagonist.


Art Direction
Martina Ampuero

Music and Sound Design
Pol Marquès

David Ros

3D Artists
Anna Martín
Olga Osieso
Gonzalo Fernández
Martina Ampuero

Interactive System Design
José Vaaliña
Christian Marín

Camera and Video Edition
Anna Martín