Amadeus, an Interactive Mapping

“Amadeus” is an interactive experience that blends music, visual art and technology. The player can interact with the story using a big piano projected on the ground activating music, vídeo and effects, changing in real time the facade of the Museum of Geology at Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona. Amadeus guide us on a fantastic journey of seven acts, which will cross the origin of life and the passage of the human being in the universe.


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Art direction: Martina Ampuero
Technical direction: José Vaaliña
Composition and Sound Design: Pol Marquès
3D and Postproduction: Martina Ampuero, Gonzalo Fernández, Anna Martín, José Vaaliña
Production Assistant: Mar de Olano
Technical Assistant: Christian Marín

Organization: Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (Ajuntament de Barcelona)

– Soundtrack free download via Soundcloud:

Some pictures of the event:

La vanguardia - Merce 2014 - Low