#TheArtRoom by Bombay Sapphire

This time we’ve created “Sublimes Interactions” an immersive and interactive installation inspired by the soul of Bombay Sapphire; the craft process. We worked around three concepts to generate this experience: aether, ice and bothanical.

Kinect captures the movements of the people who stay in front of a 20 m led screen transforming the video and the soundtracks of Francesco Tristano, and adding effects to the LED lights of Mau Morgó‘s installation, Interior Reflection.

All we collaborated to make The Art Room a real interactive place, where all is connected to the users, the movement becomes an image , the image becomes music, music becomes emotion.”

The public chill around in this inmersive place while drinking a gyn tonic designed by Marc Alvarez and listening to the music of playing in a Yamaha Disklavier Midi Piano.

“Sublimes interactions” is a installation where the viewer is the beginning and the end, a digital art piece in continuous transformation.

Pictures of #TheArtRoom @ Mercedes Fashion Week 2016


“The Art Room: la coctelería y el arte llevados a la máxima expresión” – theshakerandthejigger.com

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“El triple salto mortal de crear una obra de arte que cambia contigo” – playgroundmag.net

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The Art Room by Bombay Sapphire®, una experiencia única en el interior de una obra de arte” – indisa.es

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“Sublime Interactions” by Eyesberg Studio

Art Direction: Martina Ampuero

Technical Direction: José Vaaliña

3D Artists: David Ros, Romà Hereter Masip, Martina Ampuero

Interaction Programming: Esteban Rubira and Kostia Matka (Past Video)

AV Techniciants and production: Christian Marín and Daniel Marzo

Developed with DX11 Pointcloud by Intolight

Client: Bombay Sapphire

Agency: LBN Creativa 360

Location: Mercedes Fashion Week 2016

Website: http://www.bombaysapphire.es/theartroom/

Special Thanks to Mau Morgó