Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club in Madrid

Last summer we created an interactive installation in which viewers could discover how Dewar’s 12 Double Age whiskey is processed, while being transported to the flagship factory of Aberfeldy and bathing in the Pitilie Burn waterfall. These landscapes provided a virtual window that showed the essential dimension Dewar’s. For this we had a 7-meter LED screen where attendees could interact with in real time thanks to a complex interaction of programming work and kinect technology.

We have also collaborated with @joseroda @chamo_san @maria_melero @mirandamacaroff @agrahovsky @mundopiruuu to create an interactive display of animated pictures showing the traditions and philosophy of the Dewar’s family through their different viewpoints. The pictures operated using sensors connected to arduinos, which become activated once a user’s presence is sensed, bringing to life the illustrations of these great artists.

Our third intervention in this space was a projection on the back of the stage, animated with an art collage including live photos and VJing of the event, and visual real-time performances of the invited bands: Love of Lesbian , Delorean and Sidonie.

In the bars people could enjoy amazing culinary creations spearheaded by chef Sergi Arola, alongside emerging young chefs Jongping Zhang of Soy Kitchen; Manuel Urbano of La Malaje, and Diego Manuel Garcia of Kitchen 154. An opportunity to taste the exclusively designed Dewar’s cocktail while enjoying an environment immersed in our hypnotising visuals created exclusively for the occasion.

Pictures of #ScotchEgg @t Royal Tapestry Factory, Madrid

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“Dewar’s Scotch Egg” by Eyesberg Studio

Art Direction: Martina Ampuero

Technical Direction & Sound Design: José Vaaliña

3D Artists: David Ros, Romà Hereter Masip, Madda Sgobbi, Martina Ampuero

Interaction Programming: Esteban Rubira

Sound Design: José Vaaliña

AV Techniciant: Christian Marín

Client: Dewar’s

Agency: LBN Creativa 360º

Location: Real Fábrica de Tapices de Madrid

Website: The Scotch Egg Club

 Eyesberg Studio, 2016