FCB – Barça Innovation Hub

During the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, our work for Futbol Club Barcelona’s Innovation Hub was unveiled with a teaser projected during the president’s speech. For this work, we created the graphic design of the BIH and some videoart pieces related to science, sport, health, technology and all the subjects involving the project lead by the club.

Barça Innovation Hub was presented to the world on March, 22nd, at Camp Nou. You can watch an overview here with our videoart pieces accompanying the speakers’ talks. Thanks a lot to DICOM Events for the support.




Produced by Eyesberg Studio

Direction: Martina Ampuero y José Vaaliña
Technical direction: José Vaaliña
Production: Daniel Marzo

CG Artist:
Jordi Massó
Martina Ampuero

Romà Hereter

Oscar Boronat

David Ros
José Vaaliña

Tech Team:
Christian Marín
Jordi Massó
Guillem Pujol

Client: FCB Barcelona

Agency: DICOM




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