GSMA MWC 2018: #BetterFuture Dome

During 2018 edition we joined forces with Frameless Adventures and Caboose Limited to bring for first time a 360 experience to the attendants of the MWC Ministerial Program, showcasing the incredible impact of mobile on people’s lives.

The experience occurs in our 10m Fulldome, surrounded by a movie about how mobile technology is helping around the world to connect and improve life quality in underdeveloped areas.




The world’s mobile operators have now unified behind one common industry purpose: Connecting Everyone and Everything to a Better Future. This purpose highlights our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As the first large industry to do so, we are stating our intention to transform lives and protect our planet. Mobile connectivity is transforming the lives of billions of people across the world. It provides access to essential services, timely information and rich entertainment. Mobile networks are making cities and companies smarter, connecting all kinds of devices, appliances, machines and vehicles. They are increasing efficiency, cutting waste, and enabling compelling new services. And there is much, much more to come. Between now and 2030, the mobile industry will bring billions of people and things online. This will accelerate the progress of the SDGs. It will enable immersive experiences to enrich our lives. And ultimately it will create a better future for all.

Fulldome Production by Eyesberg Lab


Tech Supervisor: José Vaaliña

Production Manager: Dani Marzo


Tech & Prod Team:

Christian Marín

Antonio Vera

Eduard Catafal


A film by Frameless Adventures and Caboose Limited


Client: GSMA